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Weaning is advised from six months and upwards. "Before one is just for fun" - or so they say! But, the truth of the matter, is that before your child's first Birthday is a crucial window in which they should try an array of different flavours and textures. This will set your child on the right path to a lifetime of healthy eating.

At the beginning, food is advised alongside their normal milk habits, as they will still be getting the majority of their goodness from their milk. Your baby will most likely spit a lot of the food back out whilst they are getting used to different tastes and textures. This is totally normal. Over time, they will increase the amount of food they eat, up until the point where they will eat a more substantial meal. However, this is a gradual process and every child is different.

How will I know my baby is ready to wean?

Usually there are signs to look out for, which will show your babies' readiness to start on solid foods. Your baby should be able to sit unaided and hold their head in a steady position. Their hand-eye coordination should be developed enough, so that they are able to pick up pieces of food and direct it to their mouth. They should also be able to swallow food (as well as spitting it back out). Their are misconceptions, that when a baby chews their fists, reaches for a plate of food, wakes through the night or wants more milk, that these are signs a baby needs to wean. However, these are normal baby behaviours and can indicate growth spurts or teething etc. Weaning should not be done before six months, unless advised to do so by a healthcare professional. Always follow your instincts and if you feel your baby is not quite ready, try again in a week or two. Their are no hard and fast rules to baby readiness. Each child is an individual and so weaning them should also be individual to them.

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